Celebrating Happiness

I have no idea what I am going to write about. It’s 11:11 in the morning (make a wish!) but most of my siblings are still asleep, except for my youngest brother, who is finally happy after days of restlessness and tantrums. I’m feeling happier, too today and I decided to document that because I usually only write when I’m in a bad place (which lately, has been the majority of time) and I think it’s important to write about the good, too.

Nothing particularly special is happening today, at least not that I know of. Maybe it helped that I met all my exchanges yesterday + added half of a boost. I know for a fact that if I’m not eating enough, I’m an emotional wreck who’s no fun to be around. Maybe it’s because it’s 72 degrees outside and the sun is shining through my windows. Maybe it’s just because I’m alive and that feels good.

I guess the true point of this blog post (if there is a point) is that you should appreciate the good days and write about them and be grateful for them. It might not even be a good day. It could be a good hour for all I know. Maybe in 2 hours, I’ll be on the bathroom floor crying or Beatrix (my eating disorder) will get really loud. I hope not but it’s a possibility. Even if that happens, I’m still grateful for this good moment. My day doesn’t have to be perfect to be good or even just okay!



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