I Adopted a Jug From Craigslist!

Yes everyone, I adopted a jug from craigslist! No, not the thing you put milk in…a jug PUPPY which is a mix between a Jack Russell terrier and a pug. I could probably write two pages about my new little “baby” but I promise I’ll try to keep it short:)

Recently, I’ve been overcome with “puppy love” which means that I’ve been stalking our local humane society website as well as craigslists pets section. I have a lot of requirements that a dog must meet: First, it must be small(er) because although I love large dogs, our landlords do not. Second, it must be good with kids (especially younger children who will pretty much smuggle any animal with love, although the animal might view it as torture.) Third, it must like cats or at least be able to tolerate them because we have two who think they are princesses and expect to be treated as such. And finally, it must be (sort of) easy to train. Pee perfume doesn’t work for me (does it for anyone?)

So there I am, scrolling through the craigslist pet section and I see jug puppies advertised. I’ve never heard of this breed before but I push it and I’m met with utter cuteness. I research the breed and they seem to meet my numerous requirements. Check, check, check, check. Of course, I make Daddy call about them immediately and two days later, we are in the car driving 103 miles to get one.

There are three left and it so hard to choose. But Daddy spots our little guy hiding in the corner of the crate and the guy who brought them says that he is the most docile. He’s also the runt of the litter which will make our landlords jump for joy. We hold him and before I know it, we’re bringing him to the car. I notice that he has a small white spot near his neck and I’m sure that we chose the right one.

It takes two days for us to decide on a name. Everyone has different ideas and it takes three round of voting to decide. It’s intense and some people have still not gotten over that their name didn’t win. But let’s move on to the pictures…

Meet Jasper Theodore Felix!:)

Jasper on the car ride home...not the best picture but still so cute!
Sleepy Jasper:) Excuse the horrible lighting!

Jasper turned 3 months old yesterday and he really is the sweetest dog ever. I’m sure there will be plenty of Jasper updates in the near future!



One thought on “I Adopted a Jug From Craigslist!

  1. Lol, your description of picking the name. If I had a buck for every time that happened here I would be very happy. We name everything, and that same thing always happens here. It helps if one person is deciding, and the others are giving input, but still…most of us are also indecisive, which doesn’t help! 😀

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