Five Things Friday (The Literally Five Things Edition)

I’ve been wanting to jump on the “Five Things Friday” bandwagon for sometime but it requires lots of pictures, which requires actually remembering to take the aforementioned pictures, which has yet to happen. So I’ve decided to simplify it this week and challenge that perfectionism by posting five random things that I’ve been loving this week. Thanks to Clare for hosting this link up!:)


1. My Pets (Jasper and Ramona)

I wrote a whole post about Jasper, my new little jug puppy but I just had to mention him again. I was going to include a picture of my 3 month old tabby kitten, Ramona, but she was being stubborn and refused to pose. So here’s Jasper yet again:) It goes without saying that I’ve been totally loving them this week!


2. Joy Williams Album “Venus”


I found the full album on Spotify (which is great because I’m a cheapskate and I’m broke) and I instantly fell in love! It’s different than the typical music I listen to; I’m not sure what category it falls into but I’m thinking it has more of a folk sound. If you didn’t already know this, Joy Williams was apart of the duo “The Civil Wars” until they broke up in 2012. Joy has made a brilliant comeback as a stand alone artist in my opinion. My favorite tracks are “What A Good Woman Does” and “Woman (Oh Mama).”

3. “The Impossible Knife of Memory” by Laurie Halse Anderson


Insomnia came for a visit last night and I was desperate for a new book to read. Thankfully, my twin sister, Mackenzie, let me borrow this book. I have not read all of it but so far I can say that I love it! I’ll give a brief overview of the plot.

Haley and her father have moved back to the town they lived in when she was little. He’s trying to escape the demons that war left him only to find that they’ve followed him in the form of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.) Haley must be the adult in the relationship, adding more stress to the already stressful event of starting at a new school, all while running away from her own demons.

I will probably do a full review on this once I’m finished and I’ve had time to process but for now, I’m completely lost in this story. I feel like anyone could relate to this on one level or another. Of course, I might be a bit bias as I love Laurie Halse Anderson in general.

4. Focus at Will App


I’m always on the look out for apps that help with concentration and just study apps in general. Focus at Will is essentially a music app that supposedly helps block out distractions and help with focus. There are several different music options including classical, acoustic, and spa. You can also change the intensIty of the music and set a timer. I used it yesterday while reading Shakespeare (I’m so refined, I know…ha NO) and I honestly believe it lived up to it’s claims! I read for an hour which is difficult to do when it comes to “The Merchant of Venice.

5. Favorite Eat of the Week: Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal


This week, I tried a new brand of maple and brown sugar oatmeal and I loved it. I used milk instead of water and added dark chocolate chips. It was a warm, gooey, and delicious breakfast, perfect for the rainy days we’ve been having lately!

Thanks for reading my very random five things Friday post. Below, I’ve included my posting schedule for this week. I don’t think this will become a regular thing but I wanted to experiment with some different types of posts.

Saturday- The Twin Tag ft. Mackenzie
Sunday- Link Love
Monday- My Recovery Story
Tuesday- Random Surprise
Wednesday- What I Ate Wednesday
Thursday- Thinking Out Loud Thursday
Friday- Five Things Friday

Tell me…

-What been your favorite read this summer?
-Favorite breakfast this week?
-What tags/link ups do you want to see?



2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday (The Literally Five Things Edition)

  1. I love the impossible knife of memory! Have you read speak or wintergirls? And I like the posting schedule! I seriously need to make one because my posts are all over the place!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve read wintergirls and I’ve been wanting to read speak…I seriously need to take a trip to the bookstore soon! And here’s to hoping that the posting schedule will go as planned (we’ll see!)


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