The Twin Tag Ft. Mackenzie!

I’ve never done a tag before and this week I wanted to experiment with all different kinds of posts. So I decided to drag (I mean bring) my twin sister along for the fun and do the twin tag! It gives you a chance to get to know me better and meet Mackenzie, plus it gives me a chance to share annoying, embarrassing, and random facts about my one and only twin sister. Let’s get started!:)


1) Who’s the oldest?

Sarah: I am…by two minutes:)
Mackenzie: *sigh*

2) What’s your favorite memory together?

Mackenzie: The time Sarah FORCED me on a crazy ride at the fair…it went backwards and forwards, all while going really fast.
(Note from Sarah: I didn’t force her, I encouraged her to challenge her fears. A little, um, tough love. But I’ll admit, it was pretty funny and it was a great bonding experience!)

Sarah: My favorite memorie(s) are when me and Kenzie would do these dramatic plays and Daddy would record them. We did Beauty and the Beast, Anne of Green Gables, and many others. Granted, we were only five so the “plays” lasted a few minutes but still, it was pretty fun.

3) Each others dream job?

Mackenzie: Sarahs dream job would probably be to travel around the world while writing about all of it.

Sarah: I could see Kenzie being some type of nurse…either pediatric or something surgical.

Actual dream jobs….

Mackenzie: Some kind of missionary

Sarah: Kenzie nailed it!:)

4) Who takes longer to get ready?

Mackenzie: Me, definitely.

Sarah: Agreed.

5) Do you have anything matching?

Both: No, actually we don’t at the moment.

6) Did you ever dress alike?

Both: Yes! When we were younger, our mom dressed us alike pretty much every day.

Sarah: It really was better that way. Less fighting, ha ha.

7) Song to describe each other?

Both: *blank stares and silence*

8) What color are your auras?

Mackenzie: For some reason, I think burgundy for Sarah. No idea why!

Sarah: Dark purple. It’s subtle and elegant, yet can also stand out and be “loud” in certain situations. It’s a whole mix of things and it fits Kenz perfectly. Also it’s one of her favorite colors!

Mackenzie: Well, that was deep…

9) One thing that the other does well that you can’t

Sarah: Kenzie can draw! I mean like really draw (people especially)…I play it safe and just stay with stick figures and smiley faces ha ha.

Mackenzie: Well, Sarah is better at writing than I am.

(I don’t know about you but I see a future children’s picture book coming together…)

10) Do you have the same personalities?

Mackenzie: No, we definitely don’t!

Sarah: I second that!

11) Silliest question about being a twin

Mackenzie: “How does it feel to be a twin?” How is it supposed to feel??

Sarah: “Do you ever fight?” We are still siblings, we still get on each others nerves, so yes, we fight.

12) Describe each other in two words (positive and negative)

Mackenzie: Ambitious and stubborn

Sarah: Accepting and stubborn

13) One thing that annoys you about each other

Mackenzie: Sometimes I wish Sarah would be more assertive about what she wants; she goes with the flow too much!

Sarah: That’s funny because the thing that annoys me about Kenzie is that she doesn’t go with the flow enough!

14) If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would you go and why?

Sarah: I think England would be fun to explore together. We’ve read a lot of the same books that are set there (Jane Eyre, Jane Austen books, etc.) Plus there are lots of awesome castles there, among other things.

Mackenzie: I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. We have lots of family history there…Sarah can come too if she wants!

15) Nicknames for each other

Sarah: Kenzie, Kenz

Mackenzie: No nicknames!

16) Fave thing about each other

Mackenzie: I like that Sarah tries to push her comfort zone…and mine too apparently!

Sarah: This is going to sound odd but my favorite thing about Kenzie is also the thing that annoys me the most! I love how assertive she can be and how she goes after what she wants (even though it drives me crazy at times!)

17) Are you identical?

Both: No! But some people still get us mixed up.

18) Any embarrassing stories about each other?

Sarah: Mackenzie claims there are too many to count so she can’t chose just one (she totally exaggerating!) I decided to share a little story about her which isn’t too embarrassing as it happened when we were only four. Still, it’s pretty funny because Daddy caught the whole thing on camera. That means that when we are ninety, we can watch it and I can continue to tease her about it:)

Every year, our church puts on a Christmas play. Well that year we were cast as innkeepers. Our costumes consisted of night gowns, pink bunny slippers (not sure if that was historically accurate but whatever), and a white, lacy night cap.

It’s almost the end of the play and everyone’s surrounding baby Jesus, singing a Christmas Carol. Kenzie is standing beside me and all of the sudden, she starts rocking back and forth. I look down and I see a stream of pee coming down. The funniest thing is that the whole time she’s still singing, while rocking back and forth and peeing. She looks really scared and embarrassed and I’m all just, “What the heck!”

I’m sure Mama and Daddy regretted not making us wear diapers that night as we were still pretty new to the whole potty training thing and full of nerves. But the video is priceless:)

I feel really sorry for whoever had to clean the big puddle of pee on the floor. Like, “Merry Christmas! Here’s a mop.”

So that’s it for the twin tag! I want to apologize because it was supposed to go up yesterday but one thing led to another (I was out shopping all day and then I couldn’t find my tablet) and it didn’t happen. Today I’ve decided to post both the twin tag and link love (because I have a lot of awesome links for this week!) I promise, double blog posts won’t become a thing.

Tell me…

-Do you have a twin or ever wish you did?
-What’s your aura?
-Would you like to see other sibling tags with my 7 other brothers and sisters?



3 thoughts on “The Twin Tag Ft. Mackenzie!

  1. Oh my gosh I loved this post! Such a great idea! I really felt like I was sitting in on an interview with you an your sister, which was so fun! I think it would be cool to do them with the rest of your sibs, but that’s just me. 😀 Yup, I totally wished I had a twin. Although everyone gets me a my little sister mixed up, despite the fact that my hair is much darker. They also think she’s older than me. *sigh*

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