Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Blogging, Pets, and Math

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Today I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! Let’s get started…

1. I have not been very faithful to my blogging schedule this week and while I could I make a whole post just full of excuses, I won’t. It’s sufficient to say that I’ve been busy with life and for posts such as WIAW, I haven’t had access to a phone or camera…this will change, though! I’ve also been struggling with Ed (I have no current out patient team…long story!) and just feeling really down in general. Plus there’s school. I want to keep it real with everyone and not pretend that everything is always picture perfect because it’s not and that’s okay.

2. I have a camera and I am finally ordering a charger and USB connector cord! So that means more pictures in general and maybe even a few vlogs. Yes, I am getting excited about this. Total nerd and proud of it.

3. This picture basically explains my thoughts about math. Sorry guys, I had to.

No offense to the all the math people out there! Ha ha

4. Yesterday I read two blog posts that resonated a lot with me. I swear they basically described me exactly! They were both written by Haley from Full of Life (which is an amazing blog in general) and I had total “aha!” moments. I’ll link them both here because I can’t wait for link love. Patience is not usually one of the virtues I possess.

From Restriction to Obsessing About Getting “Enough” –
Note: This does NOT apply to those who are still gaining weight or not yet getting their period. For me personally, I don’t know if I’m “weight restored” or not because I’m not yet getting my period. I’m trying to see what my body needs and if I need to gain more than I will. But I need to realize that not everything has to be “exact” everyday and my body will work it out as I am at a healthy weight. Which goes into the next article…

The Non-Intuitive Side of Intuitive Eating –
I used “intuitive eating” as an excuse to restrict during my disorder and ever since, I’ve had negative feelings attached to this phrase. This really puts things in perspective and I think is what intuitive eating is truly about. Hint: It’s not another diet or an excuse to restrict!

5. I’ve been reading “The Fault in Our Stars” for like the 3rd time and I love it as much as ever! I watched the movie and although it was good, in my opinion the book is better:)


Totally fan girling right now...

6. Why do puppies chew on literally EVERYTHING?? I caught Jasper with my earplugs in tow, chewing on them happily. Yeah, only one earbud works but still it’s all I have at the moment. Also I stepped in his poop twice in one day. The joy of housetraining. NO.

7. In other pet news, Ramona, my tabby kitty, has started begging for food. She’ll take anything for salmon to potatoes to a blueberry muffin. I think she’s confused and thinks she’s actually a dog.

Thanks so much for reading my Thursday thoughts! Tomorrow I’ll be posting (I cyber pinky promise!) It could be another Friday Five or something else completely. I’m going to go with the flow and see what I feel like writing. Also I’m going to (try) to post a profile picture as I feel like it’s weird that I have no pictures of me on MY blog.

Till tomorrow,



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