Friday Favorites 8/14/15

Today was a lazy kind of day, which was good because I had no intention of braving the crazy thunderstorm we were having. It’s been the weirdest weather lately…one moment it will be sunny, the next it will be pouring rain and 30 minutes later, the sun will reappear. Kind of sounds like my mood these days:) Enough talk about the weather…let’s move on to this week’s favorites!


1. Fennec foxes. Yes, the above picture is a fennec fox. Yes, I included another one because they are so cute. Guaranteed to melt the heart of anyone.

Baby fennec fox (photo credit: Everland Zoo)

2. Also teacup yorkies. Like how do these even exist??


3. Favorite Eats of the Week: Moving away from the incredibly cute animals (although I could just do a whole post on my favorite animals…although it would probably be 20 pages long!) and going on to some delicious food! This week I tried an old favorite yogurt flavor of mine, Yoplait Strawberry Whipped (not the Greek kind.) I added some dark chocolate chips and it tasted like a strawberry cloud with chocolate on top. You know, if strawberry clouds were like an actual thing.


Also I had a really delicious (unpictured) blueberry muffin. It was huge, moist, and sweet. It was from a grocery store nearby (does anyone else shop at Ingles??) If you ever get a chance to go to one, buy a blueberry muffin from their bakery. Yes, I am promoting a grocery store chain that doesn’t even know I exist.

4. Favorite Reads of the Week: I have not been reading many books this week, besides the Fault in Our Stars which I already mentioned in my post yesterday http:// Shameless self promotion, y’all. I have been reading lots of blogs, though and I thought that each week in my Friday Favorites I’d include my fave blog of the week. I have a LOT so be prepared! This week, I included two because I’m indecisive:)

Cracks in the Fence:
Abbie and I share one really big thing in common which is our love for animals. After reading her blog, I felt inspired and actually went to a volunteer orientation at our local humane society. She also posts lots of favorites and random life posts. She just seems really down to earth and I love that!

Eilish Eats :
I love this blog because I can relate to a lot to basically all of the posts. Eilish writes about recovery, high school, and also favorites and life in general. I feel like we could totally be real life friends.

5. Favorite Thing I Did This Week: I had the chance to go to the nature center with my family this week and although it was HOT, it was still amazing! Among other things, we saw otters and bears and even petted a sheep. Funny story: The sheep tried to follow us after we left and almost escaped. Also my mom lost her glasses and a whole search ensued. But with a large family, it doesn’t take long to find something!:) #bigfamilyperks

So those are my favorites for the week! It’s crazy to think it’s the middle of August already but I am ready for some Fall days. Thankfully, tomorrow I’m going swimming so I’ll get some relief from this hot weather. Also tomorrow I’ll be putting up a blog post about finding body acceptance and food freedom in an appearance obsessed culture. I feel like a lot of people can relate to my struggles with this, whether you have an eating disorder or not. I’m a bit nervous honestly but I want to keep it real and hopefully help some people in the process.

Happy Friday everyone (even though it’s almost Saturday…).



6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 8/14/15

  1. I’ve never heard of Fennec foxes before, but they are so cute! And weird that you were having thunderstorms yesterday because we were, too! I was out in it, and it was kind of fun… I’m thinking about writing a post about it, but we’ll see if I have time. 😀 Thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to me that people are enjoying my blog! I love your hashtag, too! I’m going to have to remember that one… Looking forward to your post! ❤

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