A to Z Blog Survey

I’ve seen this survey floating around the blogosphere and I thought it would be a fun and easy way for y’all to get to know me better! So, without further ado (I’ve been reading too much Shakespeare…), let’s get started!


A- Age: 16

B- Biggest fear: Besides ED related fears, I fear death and going along with that, what comes after death. A bit clique, I know.

C- Current time: 9:09 P.M. on Tuesday night

D- Drink you had last: Water!

E- Easiest person to talk to: My mom (and my pets but I’m not sure if they’d qualify as “people.”)

F- Favorite Song: This is so hard!  My current favorite “empowering” song is “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten (I really love her whole new EP, actually!) My favorite dance song is either “California Girls” by Katy Perry or “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

G- Grossest memory: I don’t really have one! Although one time when I was little, my sisters and I were all sleeping next to each other and consequently, we all (unknowingly) had the stomach virus. I’ll let you guess the rest. I don’t remember it but my parents sure do!:) We had a midnight bath that night!

H- Hometown: I’m not getting specfic here (hey, this is the internet!) but somewhere in Western North Carolina

I- In love with: Sweatpants, Netflix, and swimming on hot Summer days!

J- Jealous of: Anyone at the beach, especially anyone living in San Diego. Also anyone who is totally free from any kind of anxiety disorder!

K- Kindest person I know: My mom

L- Longest relationship: Nonexistent:) Single and loving it, y’all.

M- Middle name: Margaret

N- Number of siblings: 8, 5 sisters and 3 brothers

O- One wish: To be completely recovered and living in San Diego. That counts as one wish, right??

P- Person you spoke to on the phone last: I hate talking on the phone! Give me texting or email any day. But my dad:)

Q- Question you’re always asked: “How does it feel to be a part of such a large family?” Close second: “What do you plan to do after high school?”

R- Reason to smile: I went on a rainy day walk with my sister Emily and our dog Jasper. We got attacked by 2 vicious dogs and my anxiety was at an all time high. This might not sound like a reason to smile but it is because we survived with no injuries!:)

S- Song you last sang: “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People.

T- Time you woke up: Around 10:30…I set my alarm for 8. Either it didn’t go off or I just didn’t hear it.

U- Underwear color: Well, currently, nada. Cause I’m wearing sweatpants and that’s how I roll! A bit TMI? Yes. Do I care? Not really:)

V- Vacation destination: I want to go pretty much everywhere in the world but right now I really want to go the beach, preferably in California but any beach will do! I have never been…it’s crazy.

W- Worst habit: Comparing myself to other people.

X- X-rays you’ve had: Besides many dental x-rays, I’ve had one done when I broke my arm. I don’t recommend it!

Y- Your favorite food: Depends on my mood! I’ll eat chocolate pretty much any day. I also really love grilled salmon.

Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini (ironically, I’m a twin!)

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick little blog survey! If you’re reading this, I tag you to do it as well and feel free to post a link in the description (I don’t know if tagging people is a thing but I’m doing it anyway.)


-What’s your one wish?
-Reason to smile?
-And finally, what’s your zodiac sign?

Until next time,



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