5 Things I’m Learning From My 3 Year Old Brother

He’s at the age where the big picture matters little and the seemingly unimportant things matter quite a lot. Who cares about the 2016 Presidential campaign? He needs his Frosted Flakes and his Saturday morning cartoons or else. And he wants Mommy to do it (no amount of reasoning will make him see that his Frosted Flakes will taste exactly the same no matter who pours them.) And yet, I’m learning quite a lot from my 3 year old brother.


1. Feel the feelings (like really FEEL them)

A day at our house is not complete until Caleb has had at least one melt down. It could be about anything from not being able to wear his favorite super hero shirt to finding out that Daddy went to the oh so exciting grocery store without him (I’ll admit for a little kid the grocery store is pretty cool because you get a free cookie AND free popcorn. Life is so unfair.) And when he gets mad, he gets mad. Imagine the hulk in a 3 year old’s body and there’s Caleb.

I’m not saying I want to go all hulk and start crying and kicking the floor but I’ve come to realize that it is good to get my feelings out in the open. Cause what doesn’t come out sooner is gonna come out later and it probably won’t be in the most constructive way. Like maybe it would be better to rant to my diary or to an unsuspecting sister instead of having a break down in Target with mascara streaming down my face. True story.


2. He’s teaching me the art of assertiveness

Caleb knows what he wants and when he wants it. If he needs help on the swings or if he really wants to watch that new Spiderman movie even though it’s midnight, he will ask. I’m learning that sometimes it’s okay to need a little help or to ask for what you want. The world won’t end if someone says no…just follow Calebs advice and try, try again. And again. And again. And AGAIN. Okay, seriously maybe not that much but you get my point. After all, we’re all important human beings and deserve to have our needs and wants met, IF they are reasonable. And let’s be honest, a 3 year old’s usually aren’t.

Sharpey + Caleb = soul mates

  3. He’s teaching me that it’s okay to love myself

Caleb thinks he is adorable (and rightly so!) I mean he will literally go up to a mirror and smile at his reflection. I tried it and although it feels SUPER weird, it also feels pretty amazing. He’s totally okay with his body, little round tummy and all; he flaunts it. The lesson? It’s okay to acknowledge your own adorableness:)

4. Also it’s okay to eat whatever you want

Caleb follows a pretty awesome diet; it’s called The Diet Where Caleb Eats Whatever The Freak He Wants Whenever He Wants Wherever He Wants. Some days he’ll eat two doughnuts, a bag of airheads, and a random PB&J sandwich. Other days it will be completely different. He’s not comparing his food intake to another toddler’s nor is he trying to follow an “expert’s” advice. I’m slowly learning to follow his lead.

5. He’s showing me how to relax and let it go

Frozen is a popular movie around here. We even have the sound track and various Frozen dolls (although I’m pretty sure Jasper chewed off Elsas head…oops!) And in between tantrums, Caleb is pretty good at following Elsas advice. He’s not worrying about anything. I mean what does he really have to worry about? But it’s a good reminder anyway. Yeah, I have stuff to worry about but that doesn’t mean I have to stress out about Every. Little. Thing. It’s exhausting. I don’t have to be so serious all the time; I can decide to follow Calebs lead and let it go (all copyrights go to Elsa.)

Preach it!

So the message is to feel what you feel, know what you want, flaunt your own cuteness, eat that cupcake (or whatever else you want), and remember to let it go!

And yes, I realize I included the hulk, High School Musical, and Frozen all in one post. I couldn’t help myself:)



2 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Learning From My 3 Year Old Brother

  1. Aww! Your brother and you are so adorable. ❤ As an older sibling of a 5~ish years old kid (but I have a sis though 🙂 ) I can somehow relate to your post. Sometimes, we just need to relax, be ourselves, and things will become much simpler…. Haizz, I miss being a lil kid.
    This is a very, very great post. The way you write it…. It's just very meaningful and deep. I feel at peace and smile to myself reading your post. I absolutely love it! ❤ You really have the talent.

    Liked by 1 person

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