Anxiety, Birthdays, and Kim Kardashian//Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2

I’m here with another TOLT which as always is hosted by Amanda (who is totally amazing and if you haven’t read her blog yet, go read it right now. After you read this of course:)

1. Apparently people in Pakistan and the UK read my blog. Like what the actual heck?! The power of blogging never ceases to amaze me.

2. Speaking of amazement, I have 33 followers as of today!! I feel so grateful that anyone even reads my blog, much less follows me. I started blogging for myself as a way to get all my thoughts sorted out and basically rant about everything; I didn’t expect to connect with so many other bloggers in such a short time! So a huge thank you to anyone who has ever read my blog.

3. On another totally random note, I have been seriously sick for the past few days. This poses a few problems, the obvious one being that I feel like I got run over by a truck and than left on the side of the road. The other problem being that I am getting so behind on my schoolwork. I literally have nightmares where I am surrounded by piles of schoolbooks and I have a billion papers to write and…oh wait. It’s not a nightmare. It’s actually true. *dramatic Kardashian sigh*


4. Being sick for the majority of the week also means that I’ll have to come up with another posting idea for Monday. A weekly recap just wouldn’t be that interesting. So this week, I sat in bed, ate food, and watched YouTube. Also I cuddled my cat. The end. Yeah, I’m definitely gonna need another posting idea.


5. I’m meeting with a new dietician on Monday. I am so nervous, as my last out patient dietician didn’t work out. It’s also been a long time since I’ve been to either a therapist or dietician. BUT I need some answers, specifically about my period. It has yet to return and I’m getting a little worried. Like maybe I screwed up my body so much that it can’t be fixed. Doubtful but still worrisome. I realize this is all a bit TMI…but this is think out loud Thursday and that’s what I’m doing!

6. Going along with the whole worry theme (because why not?), I have been so anxious lately about EVERYTHING. And ED thoughts/urges have been stronger this week, most likely because I’ve been sick and have very little appetite. I’ve missed quite a few snacks and I’m just…I don’t know. Just really exhausted, I guess.

7. On a slightly brighter note, tomorrow Jasper is turning 4 months old! Maybe I will do a puppy update on Monday, with lots of new pictures. And maybe I’ll even be able to get a picture of Ramona, our tabby kitty:)

8. Yet another important birthday is coming up on Saturday. My mom is turning 25 (kidding, kidding, but she seriously looks like she is.) I’ll most likely do a whole post about that.

9. And while I am on the topic of posting (I wasn’t really but just go with it. Okay? Okay), I am so sorry for posting at like 11:59 p.m. for the past couple of days. I’ve literally been sleeping all day (fighting off germs and all that jazz.) But now that I am feeling better, I will be posting at more reasonable times. I’m going to *try* to get everything up before 5:00 p.m. est. Maybe that’s why people in the UK and Pakistan have been reading my blog recently…I’m writing during their daytime while most Americans are asleep. I don’t know as I have very little knowledge about time zones.


10. Creamy whipped peanut butter. This stuff is life. Enough said.

And one Kardashian picture, two animal pictures, and a random picture of PB later…I’m done with my second Think about Loud Thursday post!

Tell me:
-Do have any September birthdays in your family?
-When do you usually write blog posts?
-And have you ever tried whipped peanut butter?

Until tomorrow,



One thought on “Anxiety, Birthdays, and Kim Kardashian//Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2

  1. The funny thing was, I read this at 11:45 my time last night! Good luck with the dietician, I hope it goes well! No September birthdays. My sister is in October, and my parents share a birthday in December, which makes it feel like only two birthday in the fall/winter time. The rest of us all have birthdays in the spring. 😀 I always blog in the afternoons and evenings. I just can’t focus earlier. I am in my element in the afternoon. That doesn’t mean that I’m always functional, lol! Nope on the whipped pb. I’m a pb snob, but I’d try it once. 😉

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