Link Love// Recovery, Life, and More

Hello everyone! I am finally jumping onto the link love bandwagon this week as I’ve read some great blog posts during the time I’ve been apart of the WordPress community. This week, I’m doing things a little differently. I’m sharing my all time favorite posts, whether they were written this week or three weeks ago.

Okay, let’s get started!:)


Lucy In The Gym — Exercise Addiction -Lord Still Loves Me

Julia gave me a lot to think about with this post, not only about my own past struggles with overexercising but also if and how to approach others about the same thing.

Guilt and “Bingeing”– Full of Life

Yes, I know, this post is a couple of weeks old. But I related to almost everything Haley had to say and it gave me a new perspective on “bingeing.”

Why You Need More Calories than the Government Approved Recommended Daily Allowance– Everything ED Recovery

This is really eye-opening. A lot of times, we accept anything we read as factual, which includes the RDA.

When It Feels Unsafe Inside Your Own Body -Three Boys and A Mom

I can relate a lot to this. It really comes down to not trusting yourself.

The Dieting Habit I Just Couldn’t Break -Refinery29 (Isabel Foxen Duke)

I’ve definitely been guilty, during the worst of my eating disorder especially, of doing the “intuitive eating diet.”

Life, Fun, and Quizzes

Should You Use the Self-checkout? -Abby Has Issues

What I learned from this post: I probably shouldn’t use the self-checkout!:) Should you?

How I’m Coping with Blogging Burnout. -Ordinary Adventures

I love Brey’s honesty and she also has some really helpful tips.

I’m Different (and that’s OK) -Eilish Eats

I’ve always been different from other people my age and I’ve always felt…well, bad about it. Eilish offers a whole ‘nother perspective.

What Beautiful Woman Do You Look Like? -PlayBuzz

The answer might surprise you…

What Was Your Past Life According To Your Memories? -Playbuzz

I was a warrior…oh yeah!

Favorite New Music of the Week

Stand By You -Rachael Platten

Y’all know I love Rachael and this has been on replay ALL WEEK!

Favorite Video of the Week

Donald Trump’s Newest Campaign Ad -Jimmy Kimmel

I couldn’t resist…

So that wraps up my link love Tuesday edition! Hope y’all enjoyed…I’ll see you tomorrow. Seriously. I will.



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