I’m A Working Woman and Other News

It has been one heck of a week and I am still processing it. But, as I had some time today, I decided to sit down and write about…stuff. At this moment, I am really wishing it was Thursday so that I could have an excuse to think out loud, although that’s probably what I’ll unofficially do anyway;)

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The big thing that’s happened in the last week is that I got a job! 

I am still rather shocked about this because it all happened so fast. I put in an online application on Wednesday night and the next morning, I got a call from the manager to set up an interview.  A few hours after the interview, I got a call saying I had gotten the job.

So yes, I am a working woman. Admittedly, the starting salary is only $7.50/hr and I’ll only be working part-time. But everyone has to start somewhere and I have the potential to earn up to $8.50/hr.

So yes, that happened. The orientation is next Thursday and while I am nervous, I am also very excited. It’s a fast food restaurant and it gets surprisingly busy. It will be challenging because I’m not the most outgoing person (read: I would rather sit home and read all day) but it’s a challenge I’m ready to take.

The other thing that happened this week was my uncle’s surgery. For those who don’t already know, he has melanoma and for quite a while, we didn’t know how far along it was or really anything else. But on Wednesday (it was a busy day, what can I say?), he had surgery on his face and we finally had some information.

The good news is, as far as the doctor can tell, it’s still in the early stages, which means it is unlikely that it has spread anywhere else. So that’s really good news.

The bad news is that we don’t know if all the cancer was removed during the surgery. Most of it yes, but it’s hard to tell. Now we just have to wait and see. I guess it’s not necessarily “bad” news but it ain’t good news either. Fingers crossed.

And although this didn’t technically happen this week, I wanted to mention it. Last Saturday, me, Mackenzie, my sister Emily, my brother Matthew, and my mom all volunteered at our local humane society. We originally went to the orientation back in July but never got our log-in codes and then life got hectic (shocker!) and we pushed it on to the back burner. But we finally did our first two hours!

Before we get to work with the animals directly, we have to complete three service hours doing laundry, making kongs (basically dog toys filled with hot dogs, dog food, a treat, and peanut butter which keep the dogs entertained), washing dishes, and bagging pet food for needy animals. And than we have to take animal handling classes and animal body language…yeah, it’s crazy.

But I am excited and I am learning a lot. Like I didn’t realize how much laundry dogs and cats go through or how many dishes. Just wow. Enough said.

As far as recovery goes, just…ugh. I’m sorry, I can’t think of any better way to describe it. After my (very) long rant on Monday, I’ve been feeling better mentally but not physically. I’ve also been sick recently and on antibiotics but they haven’t seemed to be doing much, so I’m going to the doctor again tomorrow. I’m also going to see my dietitian on Wednesday (again, it’s a busy day) so we’ll see what happens there.

School wise, I’ll be writing my research paper over the next few days so I will probably become a temporary hermit, with little to no human interaction. Just me and George Washington…and a computer. Alright, that sounded a little creepy. Not my intention. Seriously though, I have read enough about George Washington to last me my whole life. If you want to up your first president knowledge, I’m your man (woman? girl?). Okay, you get my point:)

Well, that’s about it. My life at the moment, summed up.

Before I forget, here’s a tentative weekly schedule. But y’all know how I am about schedules…sigh. It will happen someday.

Tuesday: Talk About It Tuesday (I currently have one in the works, all about being introverted so stay tuned!)

Thursday: Think Out Loud Thursday

Saturday: Random/Life Update

Have a good night everyone! Because, you guessed it, I’m up late again. Is anybody surprised?



One thought on “I’m A Working Woman and Other News

  1. Congrats on the job! Coming from a fellow introvert (I think… :S I don’t know WHAT I am anymore, but I definitely tend that way, especially when I was a teenager), nothing is more uncomfortable and yet so rewarding at the same time as pushing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone. Even if you feel nauseous (this does happen to me, no idea why), it will become more natural and comfortable. At least it has with me. I’m no pro by any means 😲, but I’m way better than I used to be with people. I used to blush whenever anyone spoke to me. It was awful. You know, I realized that this paragraph is not really making much sense. Woohoo… I think I’m a bit short on sleep. 🙂

    Yay about your uncle! More prayers that he stays healthy…

    And oh my gosh, I have SO been there with the shelter volunteer work. At SHS, they split the jobs up, so you are working in the kitchen, doing dog training & walking, socializing the cats, etc. I do the training/walking job, but first we had to do three, two hour shifts in the kitchen, chopping treats (they use the Natural Balance logs), stuffing kongs (and washing them if the kitchen volunteers are low) and doing a bit of training with the dogs while they are still in their kennels. It separates the men from the boys so to speak, at least somewhat! We still have a pretty good turnover rate, but we lose most of them at that stage. 😀 I actually really enjoy being in the kitchen now, because it’s a little hub of activity, and you hear all the news. 😉 Of course, it means a lot more when you know what people are talking about! Oh, and the laundry…goodness, yes, I am astounded too! Once I fostered puppies, though, I understood! Thankfully, doing the laundry is not in my job description. 😜 Anyway, have fun, and I hope everything goes well!

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