The Giant Writing Block

When I hear the term writers block, I picture a huge wooden block, with scribbles and drawings and little messages written all over it. So while it is blocking you (quite literally) from being able to immediately write anything, it also has little seeds of ideas on it, which will eventually blossom into books, articles, poetry, or whatever else you write. I don’t know if that little visual made any sense, but that’s how writers block as always played out for me. Its there but soon enough, the seeds of ideas are planted again and I’m off and writing like I never stopped to begin with.


For the past few months, however, it has seemed as if a wooden block has stood in front of me…completely blank. No encouragement, no seeds of ideas to plant and watch blossom. Try as I might to sit down and write something, anything, nothing would come. I would start to write an article or a story and in the end would give up in despair.

My blog was abandoned, my stories were nonexistent, and even my school papers became harder to write (as if they were ever easy…)

So whats a girl to do?

Write about how she doesn’t know what to write about, of course. DUH!

The block is not completely gone, yet. But although it remains mostly blank, I can see little splatters of words here and there, waiting patiently for me to use them and share them and make them all my own.

I’m going to be honest: These past few months have been hard. Stressful, hectic, and lonely would be some of the adjectives I would use to describe them. There’s not a particular reason why. There’s not one event I can point to and say, Yep, that’s why. But whatever the reason (the holidays, my eating disorder, family problems, my job…or all of the above), it has contributed to this giant writing block which I am just now getting over.

Going forward, I plan to try to be more consistent with my posts. Because when it comes right down to it, I have to write (I was gonna get real cheesy and say write instead of right, but I refrained. Sort of;) I also miss the interaction I get with other bloggers. Not to mention all the amazing, albeit cheesy, punchlines and references I get to use!

Here’s to destroying writers block any way necessary, even if that means having to climb over the thing using a 20 ft. ladder.

Yeah, maybe not…



2 thoughts on “The Giant Writing Block

  1. Welcome back! ❤
    It's absolutely normal to have writing blog, so don't worry. Just take your time and don't push yourself, and all will turn out well! And if you feel lonely, always remember you have me and (I bet) the rest of the blogging community to get your back. 😀
    By all chance, have you read a book about anti-gravity? I found it rather hard to put down. (hahaha okay it was a bad pun. But since you said you miss cheesy punchlines…) XD

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