3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: Day Uno (AKA Day One)

Okay, first of all, can you all take a moment to admire my stunning Spanish skills? I officially know the Spanish word for one. Impressive, right? Yeah, not really. But I am taking Spanish 1 currently so I felt the need to include at least a little Spanish in my posts…

But the point of this post is not my impressive Spanish skills (or lack there of).

I was nominated by Mariana over at Book Is Glee to participate in the 3 days, 3 quotes challenge. Now, if you have read my blog for any length of time, you know I love quotes. Some might even call me obsessed. Obviously, I was thrilled to be nominated for this challenge (I didn’t even know such a thing existed and the realization pretty much made my day…just saying;)

So a huge thanks to Mariana! Her quote for day 1 can be found here. And if you want even more quotes, check out her 3 days 3 quotes challenge from a few months ago.

PicMonkey Sample


The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote (for 3 consecutive days).
  • Tag 3 other bloggers to join in with this amazing challenge.



Today’s Quote:

I have never met a heavy heart that wasn’t a phone booth with a red cape inside
Some people will never understand the kind of superpower it takes for some people to just walk outside
Some days I know my smile looks like the gutter of a falling house
But my hands are always holding tight to the rip chord of believing
A life can be rich like the soil
Can make food of decay
Can turn wound into highway
Pick me up in a truck with that bumper sticker that says 
“it is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society”


This quote is actually a stanza from the poem “The Nutritionist” by Andrea Gibson. I first heard it when I was in treatment and it gave me goosebumps then and still does. I could sit here and ramble on about it for hours but I think to be able to truly appreciate it, you have to hear Andea Gibson reciting it.

Andra Gibson- “The Nutritionist”


Read the full poem here.


And my nominees are…

Claire @ alwayshc3pe

Kelly @ Graceful Aesthetic

Krista @ From Food Stamps to a Future

…and YOU! Although I can’t SPECIFICALLY nominate anybody else for the challenge, feel free to join in on the fun and make sure to leave a link to your first quote.


I’ll be back tomorrow with another quote, but for now, Happy Valentines Day! Be kind to others and of course, be kind to yourself♥





2 thoughts on “3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: Day Uno (AKA Day One)

  1. I’m taking Spanish 1 too, and I can totally relate to the finally-I-can-speak-a-Spanish-word feeling too! XD
    The quote is truly special. I couldn’t understand it at first, but after some re-reading and research (kinda cheating???)…you know what I mean. Thank you for sharing it, Sarah! ❤ And Happy Valentine to you too!

    Liked by 1 person

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